Kenji Bennett is a visual artist and filmmaker located in Los Angeles, CA.

I am experienced in both production and post production as a cinematographer and digital colorist. I have always been interested in the visual image, beginning my professional career with still photography before moving into filmmaking during college. My personal work investigates the relationships between philosophy, memory, nature, and culture. I am also influenced by the duality arising from my mix of Japanese and American backgrounds. All of my work is concerned with how light and movement can be used to evoke emotional responses in the viewer.

BA with Honors in Visual Arts (Media) from UC San Diego

Former Station Manager at Triton Television

Former Multimedia Editor at UCSD Guardian

Clients: Wonderspaces, Ship in the Woods, Sofar Sounds, Japan Prime Minister's Office, Qualcomm Institute, Venn Skincare, Good Gaff Productions, Camp Kesem

Resume is available here.

(916) 969-6310

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